Achieve Optimal Wellness with Optimal Health!

Educational approach as well as a commitment so you consistently integrate positive changes with the application and principles.

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We all desire to live and long and healthy lives.

None of us want to deal with the declining health or chronic diseases that are commonly associated with aging. We can age successfully. There are ways to control the diseases that cause declining health as we age. We can’t stop aging, but with a myriad of lifestyle changes, we can certainly experience a more successful aging process. To age successfully, you must have a healthy mind, body and spirit.

We are Here To Help 🙂

We know that your time’s precious and valuable, so we keep your waiting time to a minimum. We’ll carefully review your existing medical records, perform a comprehensive battery of tests, and discuss any concerns that you may have. Our friendly, helpful office staff will treat you with compassion in an environment that’s designed to facilitate the health care process.

What can we do for you

Go beyond healthy; imagine stopping the clock or even reversing it.

Anti-Aging discipline helps you through education and consultation by combining nutrient dense physically nourishing real food, and alternative medicine in applying the principles of Dr. Sokolova to assist you in discovering your optimal health.